The Extraordinary Art of Alan Waters

Alan is well-known throughout New Zealand and abroad as a major artist. He consistently produces a wide-ranging variety of scenes and images which often defy logic as well as challenge the viewer’s perceptions.

His unique position in the art world derives from the startling ideas conceived from the ‘disbelieving element of the unexpected’ – and these he has in abundance as you will see.

His works have surprised many who have perhaps only been used to the older and traditional uses and styles of watercolour. Bold striking colours and stunning compositions will startle the first-time viewer with their daring concepts. Certainly not one to follow any trends, he paints his own way every time and some of the largest watercolours in the world emerge from his skillful hands.

Although Alan sometimes uses acrylic, he is widely recognised for his mastery of that beautiful but elusive medium, watercolour.

Alan knew that from childhood he was destined to become an artist and has been a full-time artist for over 35 years now. Along the way he lived overseas for 30 years and completed many studies in the Fine Arts and in 2002 was enticed back to NZ by a leading Auckland gallery. He has won numerous awards and significant competitions in Australia and New Zealand as well as being the subject of countless magazine and newspaper articles. Alan has appeared on ABC TV and radio and has been sought after as a tutor and a judge.

His works are held in private collections world-wide. Within New Zealand they sit comfortably alongside some of New Zealand most famous and respected artists.

Alan’s¬†contemporary gallery is situated in the beautiful Bannockburn Valley.